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www.myconversevisit.com – CONVERSE SURVEY – The converse consumer feedback survey which is available on the converse’s official website is www.myconversevisit.com consists of online questions that have been designed by the company official to improve its customer satisfaction.

The customer can take part in the converse customer satisfaction survey and provide honest feedback about its experience at converse. The company wants to make its customer’s experience more pleasant at converse so they want its customers to take part in the survey and tell them what do they want.



Customer opinion is important for any company and thus the company official has created the survey.

The company will understand its customer’s points of view and suggestions that are given in the survey by its customers and will try to work on it as soon as possible in the areas they are lacking according to its customers.

The survey is a platform both for its negative as well as possible thoughts that are given by its customer based on its experience at the store. The customer can take the survey easily and tell the company what they want.

About converse

Converse is famous among its customer as an American athletic and lifestyle footwear brand. The company was founded in the year 1908, by the owner of marquis mills converse in Malden, Massachusetts.

In today’s time, it has acquired the market well and taken its place as the oldest footwear brand. Converse has become the subsidiary of Nike in the year 2003 and the company has its headquarter in Boston, Massachusetts.

The company manufactures athletic and lifestyle as well as the iconic product which is inclusive if Chuck Taylor all-star, John Varvatos, and Jack Purcell.

The brand is also well known for its fashionable shoe choice, and even the brand is the favorite of the celebrities like snoop Dogg and Rihanna.

Converse has been able to create a strong market performance in recent years and they sell through the global retailers in 160 countries and its 75-company owned outlet across us.

www.myconversevisit.com – survey reward


Converse well acknowledges all of its customers by giving them some energizing prize after they complete the survey.

So, after the user completes the survey, they are rewarded with a $5 gift card which they can use on their future visit to the store. The user can redeem the gift the next time they visit the store after winning the prize.

www.myconversevisit.com – Survey Requirements

www.myconversevisit.com – CONVERSE SURVEYWin $5 Gift Card
Age Limit
English, Chinese & Spanish
Receipt Valid Limit
7 Days
Gift Valid Limit
60 Days
Location USA
Offer Valid At In-Store Only
Survey prize
Converse Coupons worth $5 Gift Card
Is purchase Necessary?

Firstly, the user needs Internet access using a smart device or a computer

  • Next, the user Should be able to understand and read English or Spanish for the converse survey.
  • Next, the user must have the receipt of its visit.
  • My Converse Visit Survey Rules for the users
  • Firstly, the user should purchase at a Converse store to be eligible for the survey and gift card coupon.
  • Next, the user must use the survey code on its receipt one time only.
  • Next, the survey code expires 7 days after the user gets its receipt.
  • Next, the user can Redeem the gift card in person at a Converse store in the US.
  • Next, the user cannot combine the gift card with any other offer, including the employee discount.
  • Next, the user cannot redeem the gift card for cash or apply it retroactively to a past purchase.
  • Next, the user’s gift card expires 60 days after they take the survey.
  • The user can only use the gift card one time.
  • Next, the user can Take over 2 surveys in 7 days.

Take The My Converse Visit Survey


Firstly, the user needs to visit www.Myconversevisit.com its official website to start the survey.

  • Next, the user needs to select its language for the survey as shown options.
  • Next, the user needs to Enter the store number, date, time, transaction number, and purchase amount all from its receipt.
  • Next, Each item is numbered and the corresponding number is also shown on a sample receipt. Next, the user needs to click enter.
  • Next, the user needs to answer questions about its visit.
  • Next, the user will be asked why the user went to the store, how satisfied the customer was with the items available and if the items were available, and whether or not the customer found everything that they needed.
  • Next, the user will be asked if they needed or received help on their visit, about the checkout process, and how long they waited in line to be helped.
  • Next, the user will be asked questions about the cashier, such as whether they mentioned the survey to the user, giving the user some thanks for shopping there, and any problems.
  • Next, they will ask the user about sale items and regular items.
  • Next, the user will also be asked classification questions and whether or not they have signed up to receive emails.
  • Next, the user will be provided a gift card and the user can use this gift card on its future visit.


The survey that has been provided by the customers helps the company official to make the necessary changes and work according to the demand of its customers.

Through the survey taken by the customers, the company can figure out what is working well and what is not in terms of merchandise and its services.

All the feedback and review for the survey will help the chain to update its merchandise, shopper experience, and atmosphere.

This survey is mainly done online for the convenience of its customers so that they can take the survey when they want to.

The customer’s opinions are considered extremely important for the company and as well as highly valued. and after the user has completed the survey, they will get a converse survey reward of $5 which they can redeem on their next visit to the store.

The user just needs to check the rules and follow them take the survey and tell the company official what they want. The customer can also provide them with their opinions which will help the company to improve further.

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