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www.TalkToRegal.com – REGAL SURVEY – The Regal Entertainment Survey is holding a survey on their official website at  www.TalkToRegal.com  which is a survey that consists of questions related to their customer last visiting experiences to the regal cinemas.



the survey, therefore, records all their customers’ responses in the survey questionnaire and analyzed them to know what they like about Regal and what not; how their feelings were or if they have any complaints regarding the service they have received in the Regal theatre.

The survey hardly takes 10-12 minutes of the customer’s time and the survey has been organized online so that the customer can take the survey at ease from the comfort of their home.

The Regal company officials want to provide better service to their customers so they can start the Regal Entertainment Group Survey to get their reviews and make the changes accordingly to their customers.

It will help the Regal to improve further and offer better. Hence, the customer is requested to be honest and provide their candid feedback and make the Regal Guest Satisfaction Survey successful as well as for a chance to watch the free movie for a year.

About Regal Company


The Regal Cinemas company is known as the  American Chain of Movie Theater which is founded in the year 1924  by the founder Mike Campbell as CEO. The regal company operates more than 570 theaters in the United States. the company has its Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States.

TalktRegal Rewards

The regal company rewards their customer well after they take the survey successfully. So, After completion of the Regal Survey, the customer will get an opportunity to enter the Regal Sweepstake attract to win a $100.00 Regal Entertainment Group Gift Card per month.

The customers can redeem their reward on their next visit to the store.

TalkToRegal Survey Rules


There is no purchase for the customer necessary to win in the regal survey.

  • The customer Must be a resident of the United States (Void in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Maine) to take the talktoregal survey.
  • The customer Must be 18 years old or older to take the talktoregal survey.
  • Next, the Unlimited online entries are allowed to take the talktoregal survey.
  • Next, the Employees and affiliated people may not enter to take the talktoregal survey.

Regal Entertainment Customer Opinion Survey Requirements

  • The customer must have The latest Regal Theatres Movie ticket for taking the survey.
  • The customer must have A laptop or mobile device with internet access to take the talktoregal survey.
  • The customer must have Basic knowledge of English or Spanish to take the talktoregal survey.

Steps To Win A $100 Gift Card In Regal Entertainment Group Customer Survey.


To begin with, the customer needs to Visit the official Regal Theaters Experience Survey portal which is located at www.TalkToRegal.com.

  • Next, the customer needs to select a preferred language either English and Spanish TalktRegal Rewards
  • Now, the customer needs to Enter the Access Code from your Regal Theaters movie ticket for the regal survey.
  • Next, the customer needs to Type their Email Address for the regal survey.
  • Next, the customer needs to click on Submit to begin their Save Regal Theaters Guest Feedback Survey.
  • Now, the customer needs to answer several simple questions about their visit experience at the Regal Theaters.
  • Next, the customer needs to Rate their satisfaction level about the experience they had while watching a movie at the Regal Theaters in the regal survey.
  • Next, the customer needs to Fill out a survey according to their most recent visit experience for the regal survey.
  • In the last, the customer needs to provide their contact details to join Regal Theaters Sweepstakes.
  • Lastly, the customer needs to submit their review for your chance to win a Regal Survey Sweepstakes worth $100 Regal Gift Cards

Steps to Enter the Regal Survey By Mail

Survey Detail www.TalkToRegal.com
Survey URLwww.TalkToRegal.com
Locationresident of the United States (Void in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Maine)
Entry LimitUnlimited online entries
Age Limit 18 years old or older
Survey Prize$ 100

First of all, the customer requiring a purchase receipt is not at all required to take part in the survey through Mail.

After that, the customer must handwrite their full Name, correct Address, City, State, and Phone Number, and valid email address and  Then, mail it to the following address:-

Regal Entertainment Group, 7132 Regal Lane, Knoxville TN 37918ATTN:


The regal cinema has introduced a survey for all their customer to let them know about their most recent visiting experiences to the theatre.

Customer satisfaction is everything for the regal company officials. If the customer has any issues regarding the regal cinema’s survey, they can express their opinions very openly by participating in the survey.

Moreover, the regal survey’s main motto is to take the feedback from its customers, either positive or negative. The customer is also free to give their negative comment. The negative comment from the customer will help the company to look and mend their loophole and provide better visiting experiences to their customers. So, by taking this feedback, they try to make modifications to the company.

The customer feedback given in the Regal Customer Feedback Survey is used to know what changes and improvements are needed for customer satisfaction. The company grants rights to their customers to express their opinions about the services and products on www.TalktoRegal.com.

The survey though takes less than 10 minutes to be filled by the customers, the customer can take the survey whenever they wish to and through the survey, they are free to express and put forward their demand to the company.

And after the customer has successfully taken the survey, the customer provides them with a reward, after their successful participation, the customers can get a chance to enter the Regal sweepstakes to win a $100 Regal gift card.

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